Jose L. Linares


Over twelve years of application development with ORACLE databases and tools. Involved in the conversion of several legacy systems into ORACLE. Also experienced in Database Administration duties. Works well in fast-paced environments. Assimilates new information very quickly to effectively support a client's business needs.

Key Skills
ORACLE RDBMS 7, 8, 8i, 9i SQL Server 7.0, 2000 Windows 9x-2003
ORACLE Developer ColdFusion Unix/Linux


Data Futures, Inc.    2/00 - Present

  • As a Database Administrator provided DBA and data modeling duties for several clients' ORACLE and SQL Server databases.
    • Designed, developed and maintained ORACLE and SQL Server databases for in-house projects for Automated Traffic Enforcement and online teacher grade book systems
    • Performed emergency recovery of ORACLE database for Cable Bahamas. Moved instance from crashed AIX box to Windows NT.
    • Upgraded Full Spectrum to ORACLE 9i Release 1 and subsequently to 9i Release 2.
    • Created new ORACLE 8i instance for Also provide regular ongoing database maintenance.
    • Upgraded ORACLE instance from 8.05 to 8.06 for Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Also provide regular ongoing database maintenance.
    • Created several new ORACLE 8i instances for Kraftfoods. Also provide regular ongoing database maintenance for several instances.
    • Created several new ORACLE 8i instances for Full Spectrum. Also provide regular ongoing database maintenance for several instances.
    • Designed data model for new Customer Service application for Full Spectrum.
  • As a Project Manager oversaw design, development and implementation of several clients' projects.
    • Worked with Client and our Programmers and DBA's to make modifications to existing systems for CTS Financial Publishing, Inc.
    • Worked with Client and our Programmers and DBA's to design, develop and implement new ColdFusion/SQL Server site for Dynalco Controls.
  • As a Programmer provided ORACLE, SQL Server, and ColdFusion development for several clients.
    • Created several ColdFusion screens for Full Spectrum application.
    • Created several ColdFusion screens for Dynalco Controls application.
    • Created several ColdFusion screens for internal systems such as logging and submitting data model requests
Triton Systems, Inc.    5/97 to 2/00

  • As a consultant to Cross Country Home Services, provided design and development for a new business application in ORACLE.
    • Designed a Data Warehouse for legacy system using Designer/2000.
    • Developed migration routines in PL/SQL to populate Data Warehouse from legacy systems.
    • Developed reports for Data Warehouse using ORACLE Discoverer 3.0.
    • Designed new business application in Designer/2000 to replace multiple existing legacy systems.
    • Provided classroom ORACLE instruction to existing staff.
    • Provided ad hoc DBA and Unix system administration support.
  • As a consultant to Cigna Dental, provided ongoing support to the new ORACLE systems as well as developing new modules (Developer/2000 - SQR - PL/SQL).
    • Integrated legacy PPO dental office system into existing ORACLE based DHMO system.
    • Analyzed requirements and workflow of previous system and modified current designs to accommodate.
    • Wrote PL/SQL code to migrate legacy data.
    • Modified existing modules to handle new PPO functionality.
    • Remediated and certified modules for Year 2000 compliance.
    • Evaluated and tested ORACLE 8 against current system modules.
    • Designed and developed archiving procedures to archive/purge old data from the larger tables.
    • Redesigned and rewrote A/R aging report used by Finance and Billing personnel.
    • Provided ongoing support for in-house developers.
  • Created 32-bit version of XplainIt as well as added several new features.

Outer Join, Inc.    5/95 to 5/97

  • As a consultant to Cigna Dental, continued development of their re-engineering project as well as support during and after implementation. This involved coding, trouble shooting, testing and/or tuning most of the underlying subsystems.
    • Designed and developed batch processing routines for Cash Allocation and Cash Book system using PL/SQL.
    • Developed complex interfaces from the company's Business systems to its financial database.
  • Involved in the design and development of the product XplainIt, a Windows tool for ORACLE developers and DBA's

CIGNA Dental Health, Inc.    7/94 to 5/95

As an independent consultant, participated in the system re-engineering project as primary data migration PL/SQL programmer. Supported over 100 Gigabytes of ORACLE database systems on two Data General Aviion UNIX servers.
  • Designed and developed batch processing routines for Cash Allocation system using PL/SQL.
  • Developed complex interfaces from the company's Business systems to its Financial database.
  • Designed and developed SQL*Loader & PL/SQL procedures for the migration of data from legacy systems as primary programmer on data migration team.
  • Designed and developed complex Add/Change routines which automatically synchronized the ORACLE data with the legacy system on a nightly basis.
  • Developed several of the procedures of the capitation module which is monthly process that pays each dentist based on several factors including the number of members in the office.
  • Maintained physical databases from logical model to support development, unit-testing, parallel testing, and production.
  • Maintained ORACLE database revisions and installations.
  • Monitored and tuned production databases and applications.
  • Supported less experienced staff in ORACLE programming.
  • Developed an ORACLE database as a server for an AT&T Conversant system providing real-time data to a telephony application.

North American Biologicals, Inc.    5/94 to 7/94

As an independent consultant, assisted in the redesign and conversion of existing ORACLE 6 applications to ORACLE 7 to take advantage of new features such as stored triggers and procedures. Also designed and implemented a Laboratory Supply System that tracks the results and the bead usage of blood tests performed in the lab, replacing their existing paper trail system.
  • Modified existing forms and reports to match new data model as well as to take advantage of stored triggers and procedures.
  • Participated in the JAD sessions for the Laboratory Supply System (LSS).
  • Managed changes to the LSS logical data model through the design & development processes.
  • Created physical databases from logical model to support development, testing, and production of the LSS.
  • Designed, coded, and tested all the modules (SQL*Forms 3.0 & SQL*ReportWriter 1.1) of the LSS.
  • Compiled the user manual for the LSS.

Digital Equipment Corporation    2/94 to 4/94

As a programmer on contract assignment, assisted in the conversion an existing IBM mainframe Rexx application to ORACLE 7/VAX/SQL*Forms 3.0. The application, which belongs to Rockwell Technologies, is used to track the manufacturing process of the tiles and other elements that go on the exterior of NASA's space shuttles.
  • Analyzed and estimated time frame for developing the assigned modules.
  • Developed some common techniques and procedures that were used by all the programmers on the project.
  • Coded the menu system in SQL*Forms 3.0 to mirror the functionality of existing Rexx application menu.
  • Developed and implemented C program interface to print Bar Code labels.
  • Developed and coded most of the common stored procedures and functions used by most of the modules.

Wentworth Gallery    7/93 to 12/93

As a programmer on contract assignment, developed enhancements to their existing ALCIE (ORACLE) application that handles sales, frame order entry, inventory, and accounting.
  • Converted all SQL*Forms applications from version 2.3 to 3.0.
  • Developed and coded an automated procedure to track inventory transfers between stores, which replaced the old data entry process.
  • Evaluated and tested the impact of upgrading from ORACLE 6 to 7.
  • Converted widely used code into stored procedures and triggers in ORACLE 7.

Precision Response Corporation    6/92 to 7/93

As the lead programmer on contract assignment, converted their existing Upjohn/Rogaine telemarketing application from PICK to UNIX/ORACLE. The purpose of the application is to track the information of callers who request literature, certificates, and coupons on Rogaine.
  • Developed SQL*Loader routines to migrate data from legacy system (approx. 4G).
  • Coded all the forms used by the telemarketers during the call phase (approx. 1000 calls per day) and the forms used by data entry.
  • Coded the batch processes that created the tapes that are used to make the letters, coupons, certificates, and checks.
  • Coded all the reports in SQR and SQL*ReportWriter.


  • B.S., Computer Science, University Of Miami


  • International ORACLE User's Group - Americas (IOUG-A)
  • South Florida ORACLE User's Group (SFOUG)


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